Rules and Restrictions of Membership

  • Medicaid recipients are not eligible for membership due to TDSHS rules.
  • Membership is available for residents of Camp County. Exceptions may be made for persons living just outside the county lines but must be approved by CCEMS management.
  • Membership is not available for persons owing Camp County EMS for prior services unless the amount in question is under insurance review or pending litigation.
  • Members without medical insurance (which covers ambulance transportation) must be billed 60% of the normal rate for transport.
  • Memberships purchased outside of the membership drive (August 1st – September 30th) will be subject to a 30-day waiting period before the membership will become active.
  • We must recover at least the minimum Medicare allowable for each transport. If your insurance pays an amount less than the allowable then we must balance bill the member up to the minimum Medicare allowable to comply with federal laws.
  • Membership does not cover deductibles. If you are transported and the ambulance bill is applied to your deductible, we must bill you at least the minimum Medicare allowable.
  • Membership covers medically necessary transports (as defined by Medicare) to and from local hospitals.
  • Family membership covers you, your spouse and any first relations living with you. Anyone else living with you will be required to purchase a separate membership if membership is desired by them. Any person(s) falsifying an application for membership will be immediately and permanently removed from our membership program. This includes listing someone on your family membership that does not actually live with you.
  • Membership covers the portion of an ambulance bill not reimbursed by insurance. Insurance payments recovered by the member must be forwarded to Camp County EMS to satisfy any balance due.
  • Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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Please print the application and mail with payment to
Camp County EMS
PO Box 866
Pittsburg, TX 75686

Contact our business office at (903) 856 7102 with any questions.