Camp County EMS is the sole provider of ambulance service to Camp County, Texas. We operate 5 Mobile Intensive Care Unit ambulances and provide emergency and non-emergency transport to the citizens of Camp County. Camp County EMS is the sole provider for Longview Regional Medical Center, providing transfer services to local facilities as well as long distance transports to Dallas, Shreveport, Houston and many other locations. Camp County EMS is also contracted with numerous hospice agencies an d nursing facilities in the northeast Texas area.

Each ambulance is staffed with at least one Paramedic and one EMT. Our units are equipped with state of the art medical equipment such as the LifePak 12 cardiac monitor/defibrillator. These monitors can be used for monitoring the cardiac patient's heart rhythm, shocking the heart, measuring the oxygen saturation of the blood, measuring the amount of carbon dioxide exhaled, taking automatic blood pressures and acquiring diagnostic 12-lead ECGs. Each unit is also equipped with life saving medications, emergency airway and oxygen equipment, trauma supplies and many other supplies and equipment.

Camp County EMS was founded in 1979 when a group of concerned citizens came together to form the service after a series of private services ceased operations and were about to leave the county without ambulance service. The citizens had a town meeting and started laying the groundwork for the service and ways to raise funds. Fund raisers were held such as cake auctions, and eventually a membership program started. Eventually, enough money was raised to order one ambulance. The ambulance committee searched and asked for volunteers. Several citizens came forward and began the training required to work on the ambulance.

The ambulance committee and the many volunteers from the community had done an excellent job of forming the new ambulance service. The service was chartered as a nonprofit organization and the service was formed with a Board of Directors to govern the operation. The original board members were D.H. Abernathy, Willie Coldsnow, Don Reynolds, Larry McCasland, and David Abernathy.

Camp County EMS began operation in June of 1979 as a one ambulance Basic Life Support service with an all volunteer staff. Through the years the service has grown to a very successful operation with a 5 ambulance Mobile Intensive Care Unit service with an all paid staff. No tax dollars have ever been used for Camp County EMS. The service has always been self supported and now has over $1 million in total assets and no long- term debt.

Camp County EMS has continued to thrive while other ambulance services have ceased operations or been forced to sell. We attribute our success to two things: unmatched community support and the dedication of the men and women who wear our uniform. The continuity of the two will ensure the continued success of this company.

Camp County EMS is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to quality pre-hospital healthcare.

Mobile Intensive Care Unit service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to the citizens of Camp County.

Organized in 1979, Camp County EMS has continued to grow and advance in all areas of ambulance service operations.

Camp County EMS operates 5 modern ambulances. Each is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and staffed with caring and able Paramedics and EMTS.

Camp County EMS is dispatched by ETMC EMS in Tyler.  

Calls are answered by a call taker and dispatched to us by a dispatcher.  

All call takers and dispatchers are either EMTs or Paramedics and are certified as Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMDs).

For more information, please call our business office.
(903) 856-7102